Our services include designing, patternmaking, sampling, cutting, sewing, branding, labelling and packaging of apparel for our clients. Our services are available to business customers all over the world.

Apparel Produced are:

1.Women’s Clothing

2.Men’s Clothing

3.Children’s Clothing

How it works

You are to provide us specific details to ensure the correct execution of garment patterns into finished garments. These will help to produce accurate samples, which improves turnaround time and simplifies communication during all stages of manufacturing and quality control. Specification should include detailed technical diagrams, construction notes, finished garment measurements, fabric yields and material and trim details, size charts, working flat sketches via email or WhatsApp.


We offer a very competitive pattern cutting service, which includes manual and digital. We can work with you on the first patterns, alterations and the grading of the patterns for production.
We can work from your technical packs, to make your patterns. We can also work from your previous samples or toiles, to make a pattern block, which can then be amended to your requirements.
Once we have seen your designs and specification sheets an accurate cost can be given.


 Before your order is mass produced, we will create samples pieces of each design. The sample will show you (the client) exactly what the finished product will look like after production. Samples are made with actual fabric, trims and accessories of the design. After samples have been made the client cross-checks the sample detailing and workmanship and approves or makes corrections to samples that will either be reproduced for inspection or simply corrected in bulk production.
Samples are made to learn about a style, it’s construction, machine requirements and processes to be used to make quality product, sampling also helps us with costing your garment as it tells us how long it takes to put it together 


At this point you will be required to sign a document approving the agreed upon sample for production. Upon approval of samples, garments are costed and an invoice is sent to the client. Client is required to deposit 80 percent of the total invoice value as part payment for production. We have a Minimum Order Quantity of 5 designs, 20pcs of each design, orders must meet this minimum.


 Finished goods are checked for defects. In this final inspection, mainly the size of the garments, form fitting, and the defects of the garments are inspected.

Pick Up or Shipping

 Finished goods are ready for pick up or shipped off to the client. Client receives and inspects, if there are any defective pieces, they can be sent back to the factory for alterations.


 Orders are fulfilled in the order in which we receive them, when your order is placed, the production manager will give you a start date. Ideally, Sampling takes 2 to 8 weeks, while production of 200 units takes 15 working days.

Quality Assurance

Quality service is our top priority. We make certain of this by paying attention to every stage of the process of production & delivery.

Price List

 It is very difficult to price production of a garment without sewing it up first. We base our pricing on how long it takes to sew the garment together as well as the volume of work to be produced per design.

So give us a little space and time to get back to you on the actual cost of production. This way you will be getting our best price.

Please Note:

The sampling cost is considerably higher than the cost of production due to other tasks that go into sample making.

 Sampling Cost

 Covers up to 2 amendments per sample,  any extra amendment after that will be billed as a new sample.
Samples are to remain with us for bulk production reference.


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